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Our Unique Team

Our Music for Good practitioners are highly skilled, trained in trauma and mental health informed practice meaning they respond to the needs of the individual in front of them.



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Product Manager

Annie Sheen

I'm a creative producer and project manager based in Falmouth working across the participatory music and arts sectors. I love working in partnership with other organisations and have developed and coordinated programmes and strategic partnerships for arts centres, concert halls, charities, and higher education organisations across the UK. I'm also a Trauma Informed Practitioner and trained youth worker and have worked as a freelance evaluator and consultant for a range of music organisations. I'm a singer, choir leader and amateur pianist and love to Gig Row in my spare time. 



Jamie Crowe

Jamie started working with Music For Good ( then Cymaz ) in 2004. For nearly 20 years he has been leading music workshops in youth centres, schools, AP academies, doctors surgeries and young persons mental health units. When he’s not teaching Jamie can often be found in the studio where he currently works on his daughter Flo’s debut album.

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Giles Wooley

Meet Giles Wooley, music producer, performer and one of our music for wellbeing practitioners. Not only is Giles one of our one to one music mentors but in term time you can find him running musics sessions from Restormal Alternative Provision School (APA).

"I used to play in bands and work as a festival sound engineer and I've been performing professionally as a musician for 15 years. I have my own music studio and work as a producer as well as a composer.

I have been involved in music education for 12+ years in a variety of settings and jobs working with small and large groups as well as private 1-2-1 environments. I have set many young people off on their musical journey.

I currently am co-director of 2 community choirs, work within an APA academy with Music for Good and work as a well-being practitioner for 2 primary schools.

My favourite Music for Good memory is taking the YEP! (Youth ensemble project) musicians to Birmingham to perform at the Music For Youth national event!"



Jo Ballard

Jo Ballard is a popular choice for 1:1 Music for Wellbeing sessions which she runs in primary schools across SE Cornwall. A talented composer and musician she has sung with the Cornish choir Kescana for 12 years and studied at Dartington College of Arts where she focused on the cello and multi media research and performance.

"My favourite thing about working for Music For Good is being a music mentor.  There’s nothing quite like it.  Imagine having your child be mentored for their own creative practice and well being.  I wish I had that when I was a child. Also providing access to instruments to young people and children who wouldn’t normally have access.  The cello is very popular. I really love to see children who are struggling or who can’t sit still in class (because they have lots of energy) excel in their musical expression.

I became a Music for Good practitioner because I am passionate about children’s mental health, I love to bring joy, creativity and freedom to children in school as music provision is very varied in schools with some schools providing little opportunity."



Julian Gaskill

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Emily Foulkes

Emily Foulkes may be the Director of Music for Good, but she is also a practitioner, researcher, and trainer.


Working locally and nationally in music education over the last 20 years Emily has the most incredible amount of experience and knowledge of the music for well-being and music education fields.

"I love working at both the strategic and practitioner level, it enables me to see the whole picture. My Masters in Voice Pedagogy has supported me to focus on singing for health and well-being and undertake practitioner research. This research has mainly been in the fields of singing and mental health and singing for pain management. I have presented my research at numerous conferences and delivered seminars and training events for organisations across the UK.

Alongside my work with Music for Good, I am a course tutor for the Voice Study Centre, supporting students from all over the world with their own research.

In my free time (do I have any?), I enjoy singing, composing, and arranging songs, offering massage and Reiki treatments, and walking my dog."

You can contact Emily on



Jane Staffierie

This is Jane Staffieri who has been with Music For Good from 2006. Jane has been instrumental in shaping its development, securing its future and creating a compassion based organisation that has integrity.


She is massively respected by pretty much everyone who meets her whether she is working 1:1 with a child or training and supporting fellow practitioners.

"We know the way we do our work makes a positive difference to people’s lives and at times it has been life changing. I know I feel better inside when I’m making/listening to music and creating sound.  I also know it is scientifically proven that music has a physiological effect on us, music is a great regulator.


My most embarrassing musical moment is when I caught uncontrollable giggles while singing during a performance. I just couldn’t stop myself and I do love a good belly laugh!

I hope when people measure ‘good’ they take a look at our history where we’ve been, how we’ve evolved, who we have worked with and what we are working towards.



Jo Saville

Meet our Music For Good practitioner Jo - her music career began young but formally after completing a music degree at Exeter University then teacher training in London. She has delivered music sessions in a variety of schools for many years, from Early Years to GCSE level.

"I cannot imagine a life without music and it's positive benefits. My favourite thing about working for Music for Good is literally doing good with music! I feel really privileged & honoured to work for the organisation and feel highly valued by the team, knowing that we are all like-minded, and delivering our sessions with the best of intentions.

I have had some absolutely lovely moments during my music mentoring sessions, but a particular stand-out memory is when a Year 10 student actually sang for the first time, having only demonstrated rapping in previous weeks. I just wasn’t expecting it, and it was great!"


Project Coordinator and Trainee Evaluator

Loveday Ayto

Loveday joined us in November 2022 as our first intern at Music for Good. 


Janice Edgerton

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