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Promoting well-being and learning

Our Music for Well-being Practitioners are highly skilled and experienced practitioners, offering a diverse range of creative provision.

We strive to provide high quality, inclusive music programmes which put people at the centre.

We know that many adults and children lack accessible music-making and creative opportunities.  ​

They may have difficulty engaging with learning due to their ill health, difficult circumstances or mental health challenges. 

Our Music for Wellbeing sessions are underpinned by research and evidence which puts people and their well-being at the very centre. They are designed to stimulate curiosity and interest and develop self awareness and self expression. 

Over the course of working together both our collaborative partners and  participants report an increased feeling of well-being, self esteem, and confidence. In the classroom pupils demonstrate an increased readiness to learn and are better able to manage, understand and express their emotions.  

We work in different settings




Jane (practitioner) holds the pupils in the highest regard with acceptance, care and empathy. It enables those pupils to relax and bring forth whatever needs to be shared.

Staff Member - 
Pencalenick School

Check out our podcast episodes on how trauma-informed practice is embedded in our music delivery with young people!
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There’s nothing quite like being a Music For Good Mentor. Imagine having your child be mentored for their own creative practice and well- being.


I wish I had that when I was a child.” 

Jo Ballard


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