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Music Hub Youth Ambassadors April 2023

On Saturday, April 15th, the Music Hub Youth Ambassadors gathered for their first official meeting. This partnership between Music for Good and ASONE Hub aims to give young people a voice in shaping the future of music education in the region. The meeting began at 10 am with an icebreaker game and the creation of a group contract to establish shared expectations and goals.

The group then spent the next hour and a half engaged in a team-building music workshop led by Matt Thomlinson. The young people quickly established a rapport with one another and bonded over their shared love of music. Matt's workshop encouraged the group to explore their musical abilities and build connections through shared creative expression. We were amazed by the energy and enthusiasm displayed by the young people throughout the workshop.

After the workshop, the group took a lunch break and we were joined by Tanya, the Programme Director of ASONE Hub.

The afternoon session began with an introduction to the concept of youth voice, exploring what it means and how it can be used to influence decision-making processes. The young people showed great insight and understanding, contributing thoughtful ideas and questions.

Overall, the Hub Youth Ambassadors' first official meeting was an incredible success. The young people's engagement and passion for music were truly inspiring. We have no doubt that this group of talented and passionate young people will make a positive impact on the Music Hub.

Our next session will be held in late June.

Loveday Ayto, Project Coordinator and Trainee Evaluator Intern, Music For Good

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