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Youth Ambassadors Sessions 4 & 5

It's been an exciting few months for our youth hub ambassadors! The young people have been hard at work discussing their vision for Cornwall's music education. In their two meetings before Christmas, the ambassadors explored music hub websites from all over the country. They shared what they liked about each other and brainstormed ideas for improving the ASONE website for young people. Additionally, they eagerly prepared for the Annual Big Conversation, where the ambassadors planned to conduct quick surveys. Sadly, the event was cancelled due to the snow. We hope that a new date will be scheduled soon!

The young people have continued to work on their main project, which they will present to the ASONE Music hub board in March. The group have decided to create a handmade zine that covers various topics, including musical priorities, supporting music teachers, moments of transition, inclusion and accessibility for all, and safeguarding.

We look forward to our next meeting with the Youth Ambassadors, where they will begin to finalise their presentation plan.

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